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Friday, October 11, 2013

Need Help or Travel Advice?

Are you having trouble planning the itinerary for your next holiday? Are you looking for visa related information? Do you need any hands on information and tips based on my personal experience. Well, I am happy to offer personalized travel advice to all of you. And all this at no cost to you. Yes, absolutely FREE!!

In the recent past, some of you have reached out to me over email, my Facebook page, my twitter handle to help you plan your backpacking trips, motorcycling holidays, honeymoon vacations and more. I am happy to extend this forum to a larger audience and that is precisely I am putting together this post.

I am happy to help each one of you in answering your queries and help you plan your vacation better. I don’t want to organize or arrange your holiday like a travel agent, but would like to help you plan it better, efficiently and without wasting money. In simple terms, be your travel advisor friend.

You can reach out to me over Email | Google + | Facebook | Twitter. If you are happy with my answers and if you feel like it, please spread the love and share some good words about my blog to your social media. This will provide me more inspiration to keep doing what I am doing.

P.S. Sometimes during my travel days, I might not have internet connectivity. On those days, you might get delayed responses. I can always assure you a response on other days. If your question is beyond me or my travel experience, I will try and connect you with someone who specializes in that geography or area.

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