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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peruvian Night Activities

Visitors and locals alike in Peru can enjoy a wide range of night activities including the usual fare -- discos, clubs, concerts, and more -- as well as unique chances at reel deal slots to play in a Latin America Poker Tour event. Lima plays host to many of the best night activities in Peru, offering the chance to enjoy a bit of everything in a typical night out on the town, with something to cater to all tastes and preferences.

The three main areas of Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco are the main hubs for nightlife, with each offering a slightly different spin. Miraflores is the home of many live music bars, discos, and clubs, with Parque Kennedy and the Larcomar shopping mall primary destinations. San Isidro is more upscale and subdued, while Barranco is the standard destination for tourists and locals to head to when looking to enjoy a big night out on the town.

As far as tips for enjoying night activities in Lima and other cities in Peru, you should keep a few basics in mind. Many clubs and discos don’t start filling up until well after midnight, so plan accordingly and don’t head out too early. Most clubs charge a cover fee and many have a dress code, so don’t expect to get into the best clubs if you’re wearing shorts and flip flops. The club scene can be a fickle one with the “in” places to be falling out of favour in just a few weeks or months, so be sure to ask around as to the best clubs to go to and don’t just rely on travel guides that might be badly outdated.

If you’re not into the club scene there are still plenty of night activities to enjoy, a little subtle than living in Las Vegas and experiencing their casinos and clubs though, or enjoying a night at the theatre or at dance shows highlighting some of Peru’s top dance troupes. Numerous museums also host regular activities and opera houses can also be found throughout Peru, offering the chance to spend an enjoyable evening in many different ways in the country.

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