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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Noodle Strainer Village of Thailand

There are so many places around the world that are so small that they are hardly visible on the map and definitely not on the tourist map. But, they are big on the work that they do or are truly classy. I found such a place in Central Thailand when I went on a trip as part of an invite from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Ban Krathong Yam village and its noodle strainers
This village is called Ban Dong Krathong Yam and they are specialists in making the famous noodle strainers of Thailand. The people of this village are actually an ancient tribe and their culture is very unique to this village. Even though they are Theravada Buddhists like the rest of Thailand, their art, sculpture and foods are slightly different.

Young Thai School Girls at Ban Dong Krathong Yam Village, Thailand
This village located in the Prachin Buri province of Central Thailand is one of those destinations you should head to if you like a rural holiday. Their unique culture, their friendliness, their amazing food, their interesting games and deep-rooted spiritual beliefs make for an amazing interaction. And then you have the beautiful and green countryside of Thailand with those swaying green paddy fields that make for scenic and serene nature. All in a all, a great rural holiday destination.

Tribal Woman making noodle strainers at Ban Dong Krathong Yam Village, Thailand
Even though this village is self sufficient, it always helps to some additional money flow in through tourism and this money will help in providing better education to the kids of the village. If you go plan to go here as a tourist and stay in one of their homestays, apart from spending a relaxed holiday, you can also impart some of your knowledge and education to them.

Games played in Ban Dong Krathong Yam village, Thailand
If you wish to indulge in a green rural holiday, wish to meet great village folk and overall, wish to do something that is off the beaten track in Thailand, this is one place you need to look up and I am sure you will end up liking it.

A Buddhist Monk at Ban Dong Krathong Yam, Thailand
I spent only half a day at this village, but was totally bowled over by the truly yummy food that I had here. I have to say that it was some of the best Thai food that I have ever tasted and it is that very taste that might take me to this place again in the near future.

Buddhist Monks walk in Ban Dong Krathong Yam Village, Thailand
And while you are there, do not forget to try one of their favorite games, where you have to balance yourself on 2 separate sticks without touching the ground. It is tough and yet a lot of fun.

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