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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let’s fly away…on the cheap

Have you checked out the cost of a peak season flight recently? If you have, you could be forgiven for cringing a little as you press the ‘search’ button. If you’re looking in the middle of the school holidays also, I will hand you the Kleenex now. Put simply, flights are expensive, but thankfully there are ways we can cut costs, to allow us our annual two weeks in the sun. So, how can we do this?

How to reduce your flight expenses
Be flexible on where you fly from

You might have seen that certain airports are always cheaper than others. For me, my regional airport, East Midlands, is always more expensive than flying from Manchester, and for that reason, I always book airport parking from Airparks, and drive myself to Manchester. This saves me money even when the travel factor is incorporated, and I can put my saved money to better use.

Be flexible on date
Weekend flights are generally more expensive than mid-week, so if you’re flexible with when you fly, you will probably get a cheaper cost on your flight. Tuesdays and Wednesdays always seem to come up cheaper, so avoid Thursday, Friday and Saturday if at all possible, and you might save a little here.

Share luggage
If you are a family of four travelling, just for example, see if you can book only two suitcases, instead of four, and that way you can save the cost of the other two cases. On average you can add up to £40 on the cost of a flight per person just by adding baggage, so if you can cram it all in two, you’re saving around £80. In my opinion, that £80 could be put to some seriously good use in resort.

Look at London
We’ve talked about being flexible with where you fly from but in the case of the London airports, you could seriously save some pounds. I have been known to save up to £150 flying from Gatwick, compared to more regionally, so I decided to grab the saving and travel instead. Yes, it was a bit further, but I was going on holiday and didn’t care. Look at Gatwick parking to drive down and give your car its own little holiday, and you may even save on the cost of the flight and travelling combined. I regularly use this service, so I can certainly vouch for it.

At the end of the day, we can do nothing about the increasing cost of travel, but we can be a little sneaky and find ways to save wherever possible.

About the author: Molly Austin is the content creator for Airparks and she has a passion for fashion, fun and travelling.

Note: The image in this post has been borrowed from wikipedia.org under the creative commons license.

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