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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Out In the Cold: Preparing for a Fun Snowy Holiday in Lapland

Think of places where to go and enjoy plenty of snow and Lapland holidays in 2014 might be on your mind. A little planning and preparation will go a long way to making sure you have the best possible holiday experiences, whether you’re going snowboarding, sleigh riding or just taking photos of the Northern Lights.

For the Lapps, snow is part of their daily life, and they’re well-equipped to cope with it. Your travel company may offer you padded overalls, gloves and hats to wear as an outer layer when you’re taking part in particular activities, but you’ll need to have two or three layers to wear underneath. When thinking about your packing, consider a backpack, perhaps one which comes with a detachable daypack, as a wheeled case can be quite difficult to maneuver in snow.

Avoid garments made of cotton, since they absorb moisture. Wool is excellent for inner layers, as it’s very warm and non-absorbent. You will have to wear four layers of clothing. For instance, you should put on two layers of thermal underwear, which should be of hi-tech fabric, wool or silk; a heavy-weight wool sweater or a fleece top; and lastly, your jacket.

Fleece trousers, topped off by ski-pants, will keep the lower half of your body warm and dry, and a waterproof but breathable padded jacket with a hood is essential. Check the label, which will give you all the technological information you need. One rated 10000+ is best. Down-filled jackets are an excellent choice because down is warm and light but you can you compress it easily for packing.

Boots must be sturdy, warm and waterproof. Buy a size larger than you need to leave room for thick thermal socks, or a foot-warmer pad. Make sure you ‘wear them in’ before your trip. Mittens are warmer than gloves, as they allow warm air to circulate around the fingers. A knitted ‘beanie’ hat is a good choice.

The Lapland air and temperatures can dry up the skin, causing it to become sore and cracked. Use a good moisturizer, body lotion or oil, and lip balm. If your friends want to laugh, let them: they’re the ones that will have the sore lips afterwards!

Finally, for those precious memories of Lapland, bring a powerful, compact camera. You never know when you might bump into Santa. The chances are you’ll be photographing the Northern Lights, and if so, using a long exposure, you’ll also require a lightweight tripod, or your pictures will come out blurred. Take plenty of batteries, as they become depleted quickly in the cold, and don't forget a spare memory card. Oh, and enjoy your trip!

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