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Saturday, April 04, 2015

25 Random Things from Queensland

Recently, I spent 3 weeks exploring Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. During these 3 weeks, I explored Brisbane, Sunshine Coast (Mooloolaba, Noosa, Twin Waters), Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise, Burleigh Beach), Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Artherton Tablelands and Kuranda. While I traveled across these beautiful destinations of Queensland, I came across many interesting facts and things about Queensland. I have listed these random things below and hopefully you will find them an interesting read.

Watching Josephine Falls in full flow at Artherton Tablelands, Queensland
1) Queensland is a very green part of Australia. It’s east coast has dense greenery and some of the oldest rainforests in the world.

2) It is an awfully big state. I took a 2 + hour flight from Brisbane to Cairns and neither of these places are in the extreme parts of the state.

3) Queensland is a fairly laidback state and has a culture of relaxation.

Beautiful bodies on the white beaches of Maloolaba, Sunshine Coast
4) In most of the state of Queensland, including its capital city, Brisbane, the restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls shut down by half past nine.

5) Friday and Saturday are the happening evenings. Sunday is a more relaxed and quiet affair.

Evening Fishing at Surf Beach, Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
6) Like most of Australia, even the state of Australia loves to focus on its fitness. Everywhere in this state, you will see people running, jogging, swimming, cycling, surfing and indulging in many sports.

7) Queensland is one of Australia’s richest hubs for tropical fruits and vegetables.

Jimmy's on the mall - fine dining at Queen Street, Brisbane
8) The east coast of Queensland is known to get severe cyclones.

9) Northern Queensland gets more rainfall than most parts of Australia.

10) Queensland along with New South Wales has some of the best surf in the whole of Australia.

11) Foreign tourists on a working holiday make quite a bit of money while working here. The lowest wage is AUD 18 per hour for may be waiting tables or picking fruits at a farm and the wage can go up to as much as AUD 40 per hour if you are working the graveyard shift in a hospital. That is good wages for temporary workers.

Sunset over Maroochy River, Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Australia
12) Flights in this state are at most times cheaper than trains and buses. Self drive cars might work out cheaper, but they would take much longer due to the large distances.

13) The Queen of England is still the official head of state in Australia.

14) The tallest external building climb of Australia exists in this state.

Surfers Paradise Skyline as seen from Burleigh Beach
15) This state is full of national parks, bush land and greenery and thus is home to many wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, cassowary amongst others.

16) Surfers Paradise on the gold coast still has bikini clad meter maids on its roads.

Canal System of Gold Coast, Australia
17) The Gold coast has more canals than Venice.

18) Australia’s most photographed waterfall exists in the state of Queensland. It is the Millaa Millaa Falls.

19) One of Australia’s best managed zoos is located in this state.

20) There are only 2 places in Australia where you can indulge in Ocean Jet Boarding, a new adventure sport. One is at Sydney and the other is at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine coast of Queensland.

Michaelmas Cay Reef as seen from the sky
21) The Great Barrier Reef is the state icon of Queensland.

22) The eastern side of Queensland is very green while its center and west are pretty dry.

A Brisbane CBD street moment with the Treasury building in the background
23) The streets of Brisbane, especially in its CBD area are named after the various Queens and Kings of England.

Gorgeous rainforests of Queensland, Australia
24) Queensland has one of the few rainforests in the world that ends onto a beach. And that is Daintree rainforest.

25) Queensland’s Gold coast is the theme park capital of Australia.

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