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Friday, April 10, 2015

Traveling Turkey in Fashion with Nautica

When I first started traveling, I used to travel like a true backpacker with minimal utility driven clothes that would turn to tatters by the time my trip finished. But, over the course of my travels, I have learnt that carrying a good set of fashionable clothes always comes in handy. Whether you are going on a date or you are meeting friends, whether you have been invited by a local family or whether you want to dine at an up-market restaurant, it is  nice to be well dressed. It is even better if you look fashionable. The fashion meter rises in certain cities like Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Istanbul, London, New York, etc. And if you are visiting these kind of fashion focused cities, fashion in travel becomes like a no-brainer.

With the Cappadocia landscape in the background

In addition, these days with the increasing selfie mania, fashion in travel is on the rise. After all, nobody wants to look at their worst to their friends on Facebook, twitter, instagram and/or pinterest. Rather, everyone wants to look presentable and even better fashionable. Clothes and accessories are as important as the location in a travel selfie photo these days.

Posing on the rocks of Cappadocia

Last winter, I went on a month long trip to Turkey. On this trip, I decided that I would make in an extra effort to look fashionable and hence carried an extra set of clothes in my backpack, but still ensured that the baggage weight remained the same. To look fashionable, I opted for the Fall and Winter collection of Nautica, an international fashion brand that caters to a younger audience. While, they are specialists in beach wear and underwater gear, they also design great lifestyle clothing for young men and women. And for their quality, range and design, they don’t put a huge dent on your wallet like the other designer brands.

Dinner at a local's house in Istanbul, Turkey

As the weather in Turkey was on the colder side, I opted for 2 V-neck sweaters, a dress shirt and a full sleeve polo T shirt from Nautica. And like I do with most of my travels, I mixed and matched these clothes with different silk scarves, head wear, a pair of blue jeans, sunglasses, a watch and a pair of boots. The idea was to keep the utility of my travel gear intact while increasing the fashion meter.

Selfie with the Kurdish Turban at Sanliurfa, Turkey

My choice of clothes from Nautica were comfortable, looked fashionable, kept me warm admirably (which I appreciated a lot) and they were easy to wash and maintain. And I felt good while I took those various selfie shots at  Istanbul, Cappadocia, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Fethiye and at other hot destinations across Turkey. And I was happy that I looked presentable when I visited local families, had dinners with friends and dined at nice places.

Dinner with a Turkish Friend at a Mardin Restaurant

What more do we need as travelers? We see dream destinations, experience beautiful cultures, look fashionable, take great photos (including selfies), make lovely memories and may be make friends for life.

I tried Nautica once and am so happy that I will definitely keep trying out their different collections for my future travels. I have my eyes on their Spring and Summer Collection. Have you tried them out as yet?

Disclaimer: All the Nautica Fall and Winter Collection portrayed and mentioned above were provided to me courtesy of Nautica India. But, all the views in this post are honest review and feedback from me based on my experience of using them across one month of travel in Turkey. Nautica India isn’t responsible for my views in any way.

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