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Monday, April 13, 2015

SkyPoint: Gold Coast’s Adrenaline Rush

The Australian Gold Coast is popular for its high energy activities that range from surfing to sailing, theme park rides to jet ski rides, but the one that stands out for me with its sensational adrenaline rush is the SkyPoint Q1 climb.

270m high adrenaline rush on the gold coast
At 322.5 metres high, the Q1 is the 25th tallest building in the world and is the region’s most iconic residential tower. But, the one piece of statistic that gives you an immense sense of pride is that it is Australia’s highest external building climb and is comparable to similar climbs at Macau Tower, Macau and CN Tower, Toronto.

Canal System of Gold Coast, Australia
The adrenaline rush begins right from the time you buy your tickets at the bottom of the building. The rush is not due to you buying tickets, but from the fact that you cannot see the top of the building from the bottom. Then, a super fast elevator takes you to the observation deck on the 77th floor in about 42.7 seconds.

Conquering SkyPoint - Australia's highest external building climb
This is where you can learn about the history of this building, Surfers Paradise and the Gold coast in general. You will be given instructions and given a body harness and other safety equipment. At the observation deck, one can also see the 360 degree, but from behind thick glass windows.

First view of the gold coast as I embark on the SkyPoint Climb
This will change as you start climbing above the observation deck onto a metal staircase with a strapped on metal railing. The high wind speed, the outside temperature, the lack of glass, the height and the sensational views all together start increasing the flow of adrenaline into your blood stream.

Gold coast view from SkyPoint Q1
As you climb up to the main deck, you get a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast, from its golden beaches to its green hinterland, from its supreme canal system to its high rises and from its emerald ocean waters to the dark waters of the canals.

Gorgeous Gold coast from the top of SkyPoint
The fact that you can sense the sheer drop below your feet adds to the excitement and to some, a bit of fear. But, do not be worried as there are enough safety measures in place. All you have to do is enjoy yourself, soak in the views and take gorgeous photographs while the safety mechanism and the instructor take care of you and your safety.

Phew! What a view of the Gold Coast
From the time you leave the observation deck to the time you re-enter it, it is a 90 minute journey where you are suspended roughly 300m above sea level where the cars below look like toys and the people look like ants.

SkyPoint Q1 - scenic climb on the gold coast
The sheer vertical drop is a pure adrenaline rush and one of my favorites from this climb. I would be lying if I said, I wasn’t nervous or if my heart wasn’t beating wildly, but that was precisely why I opted for this climb. I am sure adrenaline junkies will agree with me.

SkyPoint shadow and deadly view
The thrill of scaling one of the world’s highest external building climbs was simple and pure motivation for me. The sensationally fabulous views of Surfers Paradise, the canal system that is longer than that of Venice and the sight of one of Australia’s insanely beautiful landscapes were just the icing on the cake. If you go to the Gold Coast, you have to do the SkyPoint Q1 climb. You will miss out on a whole lot of excitement if you don’t!!

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