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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Indirect need not be avoided

When it comes to some destinations, you sometimes don’t have much choice in the matter when it comes to flying indirect. If you’re going long-haul, maybe to New Zealand or Australia, stop-offs are a common occurrence, as well as many other destinations, but don’t let this put you off travel, because it sometimes only adds a few hours onto your journey, and the final destination is more than worth it. For flights to places that are more common during the summer months, you will probably find that heading there in the winter may only give you results that are indirect – this is simply the joy of winter flying!

Getting close to a koala at the Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast

It’s not all bad news, because as long as the connection waiting time isn’t more than a couple of hours, it simply gives you time to stretch your legs, and doesn’t pile much extra time onto your journey. I’ve done it several times, and I would certainly do it again if I had to. Obviously direct is more desirable, but if needs must, then I’d go for it.

You may worry about missing your connection in the event of a delay, but if you book your entire journey with one airline as a round trip, you won’t have any worries. To alleviate concerns, make sure your travel plans are insured. You will need to look at the small print of your policy to find out what exact cover you have, but its peace of mind, and that’s something that money can’t buy. Single trip travel insurance policies are cheap enough and only take a short time to organise, so there’s really no excuse.

Green Island from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Adding extra time onto your journey need not be a bad thing, and I’d suggest turning it into a positive. If you have an early flight, book yourself in at an airport hotel and enjoy a real relaxation before you fly. You could easily use the excuse that you have a longer journey ahead of you, so of course you deserve it! I did this recently and used the Hilton Gatwick, which I would definitely book again. Airport hotels have a range of advantages, not least an earlier start to your break, which I think is a must wherever possible!

On the whole, indirect flights are generally cheaper than flying direct, so if you’re looking to save a bit of cash, this is an option you could go for. Again, if you book your journey with the same airline as one journey then you generally won’t need to pick up your luggage and check in again for your connection flight, as most airlines will check you in for both legs at your initial attendance, and your luggage will automatically be forwarded on – this alleviates concerns about time in-between flights.

If indirect is the way you have to go, don’t see it as a negative, instead look forward to your destination, and remember that every mile is worth it.

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